Software Management

As learning mobile devices become more ubiquitous in teaching and learning, educational institutions are challenged to effectively manage and deploy applications. Traditional MDM solutions are often platform-specific and lack flexibility and intuitiveness in software management and deployment. To address this issue, we have integrated the benefits of multiple native MDMs with a new set of software management capabilities designed to provide educators with a simple, intuitive, and efficient software deployment and management solution. Whether it's Windows, iOS, ChromeOS, or Android, our system provides a unified user experience that greatly simplifies management and improves teaching efficiency.

Software Deployment
In addition to the software already available on the App Store for each operating system, you can also upload Windows software deployments to meet the needs of each operating system
Software delivery
You can select the software of each operating system to deliver the required software for a specific group, and you can check the delivery progress or terminate the delivery.

One-stop Software Management
Intuitive Deployment and Monitoring of Devices Across Platforms

Directly link to the app store

  • Windows platform: Search for the app name directly on the management interface, and the system will link to the Windows App Store to list the relevant apps, so that you can directly view the app details and quickly deploy them to the Intune software list.
  • ChromeOS and Android platforms: Provides an embedded, managed Google Play Store that makes finding and listing apps to your Intune software list fast and efficient.

Unified software delivery interface

The cross-platform unified operation interface can provide the same operation mode regardless of which operating system software is delivered, increasing the user's intuitive feeling.

Efficient group-level software delivery

The above-mentioned six-level nested group design is used to achieve fast and efficient software delivery according to the user level, making software deployment more accurate and efficient.

Comprehensive delivery status monitoring

Improved data capture and integration processing capabilities transform the software installation status of a single mobile device into a software-centric display of the delivery status of all mobile devices, allowing users to grasp the deployment progress at a glance.

Progress bar and detailed delivery list

Delivery status bars and complete mobile device delivery status checklists are available for download, allowing managers to easily track the progress of software deployments and quickly address unsuccessfully delivered mobile devices.