In Taiwan, as the education department actively promotes the use of technology to improve the quality of teaching, high school vocational schools and below are widely adopting tablet devices as teaching tools, so that students can learn through rich digital resources. With the implementation of initiatives such as THSD and BYOD, schools have introduced devices with multiple operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Android, and ChromeOS, to suit the needs of different learning scenarios. The widespread use of these devices is designed to provide students with a more diverse and personalized learning experience.

However, the promotion of this innovative teaching model has also brought unprecedented challenges to ordinary school teachers. In the past, teachers only had to manage students' textbooks and notes, but now they need to manage and monitor hundreds of tablet devices belonging to different operating systems. This not only increases the workload of teachers, but also requires them to quickly acquire new technical knowledge.

Using a traditional mobile device management (MDM) system faces the following issues:

iMOE is an integrated mobile devices management service designed for non-IT professionals to provide an easy-to-use platform for general school teachers to manage and monitor the teaching tablet devices used by students. In Taiwan, teachers are faced with the challenge of managing hundreds of devices from multiple operating systems such as Windows, iOS, Android, ChromeOS, and more, as schools at and below promote the use of tablet devices to improve the quality of teaching, including programs such as THSD and BYOD. iMOE is designed to address the following key issues:

Through a consistent user interface, iMOE allows the school to have the same management method for mobile devices from different operating systems. And the functions required for mobile device management, together with data analysis and repair services on the same platform, to achieve a one-stop user experience. Through the integration of truncation and complementing weaknesses, the operation process of the mobile device management function is simplified, so that the mobile device manager can complete the various management tasks required with one click.

Reduce the learning curve
Traditional MDM systems are so versatile that they can be difficult for non-technical people to get started with, and careless operation can lead to devices being mismanaged or incorrectly delivered with the wrong delivery policy, resulting in device lockout. iMOE provides an intuitive interface designed for educators, dramatically reducing the possibility of misuse and allowing teachers to focus on teaching.
Cross-platform management efficiency
Faced with the challenge of managing devices with multiple operating systems, iMOE provides a one-stop solution that integrates the management functions of different devices on a single platform, eliminating the need to switch multiple MDM systems, greatly improving management efficiency.
Monitor usage
Unlike most MDM systems, iMOE provides clear reports on device usage to help teachers monitor student learning and ensure that instructional resources are being used effectively.

Simple management of operating system mobile devices

Devices management
mobile device list, transfer, tracking, borrowing, maintenance, and accurately grasp the status of mobile devices


Software management
Synchronize software deployed across four operating systems. And can be in the same logical way for the delivery of software, and can grasp the status of software delivery at any time.


Policy management
Policy management provides a set of policies that all managed mobile devices must continue to follow, and lists common policies that managers can adjust as needed.





Group management
In group management, managers can customize various mobile device groups and define group classes according to the needs of the organization


Data management
Summarize the information of all the mobile devices and the usage time of individual mobile devices and make an interactive report to effectively grasp the effectiveness of mobile device use.


Account management
Streamline operations, optimize processes, and focus on improving operational efficiency and growth potential


From complex to simple, management is easy, and teaching is free to extend

In the traditional mobile device management (MDM) space, the complexity of features often poses a challenge for users with non-technical backgrounds. In such cases, even the slightest mistake can lead to equipment being mismanaged, or improper policy settings locking out critical functions and creating unnecessary barriers to teaching. In response to this problem, iMOE was created to provide educators with an interface that is both intuitive and easy to understand. We understand that teaching is all about focusing and transferring knowledge, so we have designed this platform to minimise the risk of misuse and ensure that teachers can easily manage their teaching equipment so they can focus on teaching.

Intuitive and easy interface
Tailor-made for educators to make the interface intuitive and easy to understand
Reduce mishandling
The simplified design greatly reduces the possibility of misoperation and ensures smooth device management
Focus on teaching
Free teachers from tedious device management and allow them to focus on innovating teaching content and methods