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Background Needs

Business environment in Taiwan is dominated by SMEs, which face relatively high operational challenges. The market competition is increasingly fierce, with large enterprises having abundant resources, putting immense pressure on SMEs.
Therefore, SMEs need to continuously innovate and improve product quality to maintain competitiveness. The challenges faced during the innovation process include a shortage of human resources, insufficient funds to retain talent, and lagging technological capabilities. Additionally, risk management and crisis response awareness are relatively weak, resulting in low resilience against market changes and economic fluctuations.

Current Issues

Existing issues faced by management personnel, accounts, and devices:

  • Using multiple platforms simultaneously:Most SMEs use different platform services for managing personnel, accounts, and devices, which is inconvenient for HR and technical staff. Each platform has different interfaces and user experiences, making operations cumbersome and requiring the memorization of numerous details.

  • Stuck in traditional form-based maintenance:Due to relatively weak technical capabilities, some management practices still rely on form records and transmission, posing high risks for team collaboration, such as inconsistencies in shared editing, file overwrites, and accidental deletions.

  • Lack of data inspection and management tools:The most critical part of the management process is the presentation of data reports and cross-analysis results. However, few SMEs have the capability and resources for this, leading to ineffective management and difficulty in determining whether decision-making directions are correct.


iSME is an integrated AD management platform designed specifically for non-IT professionals, providing an easy-to-use interface for individuals with no technical background. Replacing complex technical jargon with intuitive operations, it allows users to smoothly handle everything from onboarding new employees, creating accounts, assigning permissions and devices, to presenting clear and understandable dynamic data dashboards.

iSME's advantages are not only in its ease of use but also in its ability to provide diverse data reports and analysis features, enabling managers to monitor various AD indicators such as account status, permission details, and asset usage. With simple menus and filters, managers can flexibly view the necessary data, including software usage rates, device performance status, and system operation records, and apply compliance principles to ensure the company's environment meets cybersecurity standards.

Account Management

  • Create basic information for new employees, including department, employee number, start date, etc.

  • View employees' Outlook storage space and OneDrive storage space, with real-time authorization space status alerts.
  • View employees' Office 365 login country, IP address, device model, login time, and security status at any time.

Authorization List

  • View all available authorization statuses in the company, easily managed at a glance.

  • Add group authorizations and assign necessary authorizations for each group, convenient for departmental grouping.
  • Add or remove employee accounts within groups, with immediate effect on authorization assignments for efficiency.

Device List

  • View all company-managed device information, including brand, model, asset number, and assignee, providing a simple platform for SMEs without IT departments.

  • Add basic company asset information such as printers, scanners, telephones, etc., with maintenance vendors, warranty periods, and placement locations clearly listed, enhancing administrative efficiency.
  • Register BYOD management lists with a simple interface, meeting modern work requirements.

Policies and Security

  • Set and report common company policies and security policy information.

  • View the protection principles status of employee accounts, facilitating administrator notifications.
  • Real-time monitoring of employee device compliance status to prevent security breaches.


  • Dedicated data interface for real-time viewing of login records and remote connection records to prevent abnormal account situations.

  • View device data dynamics to maintain device security.
  • View software usage rates to understand employees' daily application needs and procurement effectiveness.


  • A beautifully designed navigation map provides an overview of platform functions.

  • Customizable screen settings, including preferred colors, font sizes, and eye protection modes.
  • Flexible module management functions, allowing layered permissions for customized administrator scopes.

Simplify to Amplify: A Mindset for Achieving Impactful Results

Amplify Results, Seamless Business Expansion, Creating Infinite Possibilities for SMEs

In today's rapidly developing information-driven business environment, SMEs face numerous challenges, particularly in IT management. Due to limited resources, most SMEs often lack dedicated IT departments to support complex technical needs. As businesses expand, they often need to introduce various business tools such as Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Adobe, and Splashtop to enhance efficiency and market competitiveness. However, managing multiple accounts and licenses required for these tools can be a technical and time burden for SMEs without professional IT support.

Moreover, the requirements for cybersecurity and compliance have become increasingly complex with stricter regulations, posing significant challenges for SMEs with weak technical foundations. Personnel changes, especially onboarding and offboarding employees, also add extra pressure on IT resource management. If these challenges are not properly addressed, they could severely impact the operational efficiency and information security of the business.

What we solved:

Simplify Operations, Optimize Processes, Focus on Enhancing Operational Efficiency and Growth Potential

Facing various challenges in IT resource management for SMEs, iSME was born to provide a comprehensive and efficient solution. This solution is specifically designed for SMEs without dedicated IT departments, aiming to simplify IT management through technological innovation and automated processes, allowing these businesses to focus more on their core operations. iSME's all-in-one control panel integrates all necessary functions, enabling businesses to easily manage accounts and licenses while enhancing security measures such as multi-factor authentication and data retention policies to ensure data security and regulatory compliance.

Furthermore, iSME offers automated solutions for IT needs during personnel changes, effectively managing IT resource allocation and recovery at different stages of employment, including onboarding, active employment, and offboarding. This not only improves operational efficiency but also significantly reduces the management burden, enabling SMEs to remain competitive in the digital landscape.

Unified Account and License Management
iSME offers a unified control panel for streamlined account and license management, enhancing efficiency and reducing security risks.
Cybersecurity and Compliance Settings
iSME enhances cybersecurity with MFA, account alerts, and data retention policies for data security and regulatory compliance.
IT Resource Management for Personnel Changes
iSME automates IT resource management for the employee lifecycle, from account setup and license allocation to data clearing and device resetting, ensuring timely license recovery and reallocation.

Application Scenarios

Scenario 1: Employee Onboarding

On the first day of a new employee's onboarding, HR can use iSME to create a new account for the employee and assign company authorizations simultaneously. When distributing OA devices, the computer can be directly managed, adhering to security regulations and company policies with one click. Even without an IT background, iSME handles all professional tasks, replacing the previous cumbersome steps of separately logging into multiple platforms for record-keeping, settings, and authorizations, ensuring a smooth process.

Scenario 2: Asset Management

An enterprise with multiple offices in different locations often faces many inconveniences in asset management. The most common management method is manual form registration by colleagues in each office, recording each asset. Due to frequent changes in asset locations, real-time registration is challenging, and human errors or omissions can make periodic inventory tasks time-consuming. iSME offers practical form fields, convenient for inputting data and recording asset status and locations. It is suitable for enterprises with multiple office locations, even across different countries and regions, enabling easy management of asset status and linking assignees' information. Real-time updates prevent confusion.

Scenario 3: Data

Besides creating accounts and authorizations for employees, managers need to understand the company's authorization usage to evaluate the effectiveness of software procurement, estimate budget requirements, and ensure information security. iSME's data functions allow managers to understand software usage rates. Each morning, managers can open the data to view various beautiful visual reports, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the entire company in under 5 minutes. This not only prevents security risks but also maintains account authorizations. Additionally, when employees encounter authorization issues, managers can first understand the possible situation from the data, accurately identify and resolve problems. Real-time dynamic data assists management and helps in budget planning, ensuring funds are spent wisely.

Purchasing Timing

    iSME is a software management platform designed for SMEs, helping you quickly, conveniently, and securely manage company accounts and authorizations. If you are hesitating about purchasing iSME, here are three main reasons:
  • Time and Cost Savings:
    You don't need to spend a lot of time finding suitable management platform solutions, comparing prices, applying for trials, signing contracts, etc. Simply contact us, and we will simplify the process, helping SMEs implement it in the shortest time possible.
  • Improved Management Efficiency and Quality:
    You don't need to manually record and track your software procurement and authorization statuses, or worry about managing employees' accounts and permissions. With iSME, you can easily view your software usage status, authorization expiration, renewal reminders, usage rates, and other data reports on the platform, and adjust and allocate software resources anytime. iSME also provides excellent customer support to help you resolve any platform issues.
  • Data Security and Privacy Protection:
    You don't need to worry about your software data being leaked or attacked, or your employees using illegal or unsafe software. On the iSME platform, you can enjoy advanced data encryption and protection technologies, and monitor and control your software usage permissions and rules anytime. iSME adheres to strict data protection regulations and does not collect or share any personal or sensitive information.
    In summary, iSME is a suitable software management platform for you, allowing you to manage your software procurement and authorizations efficiently, cost-effectively, and securely. If you are interested in learning more, please contact our customer service or register and experience it on the official iSME website!

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