Data management

With the rapid development of contemporary educational technology, the effective management of teaching mobile devices has become the key to improving teaching quality and learning efficiency. In the face of the increasing number of learning mobile devices and diversified management needs, the traditional mobile device management methods have been difficult to meet the needs of modern education. To this end, we have come up with a new solution that aims to provide an intuitive and efficient management platform through a flexible group management and custom labeling system. In addition, considering the needs of customers for more granular management levels, our system supports up to six layers of group-level management, and realizes precise permission control and policy deployment according to the nesting relationship between levels.

Mobile device dashboard
Record mobile device usage data, including daily use, total use, unused... and other data materials are presented in visual reports
Platform dashboard
Provide data related to the use of the functions of the Platform, such as the status of software deployment and delivery, and the login usage of the Platform
The platform usage data can be exported, including personnel operation, software delivery records, and software deployment records, and can be downloaded in xls, ODS, and CSV formats
The relevant information of the platform can be exported to xls format for easy query and viewing

Comprehensive Data Management
Real-time, accurate educational insights to support decision-making

Unified data processing and report generation

  • Unify data from Intune, Jamf, and Chrome MDM systems, and aggregate and calculate usage according to Department of Education rules.
  • Provide interactive reports that unify inconsistent terminology and calculations across MDM systems.

Multi-level data access and real-time updates

  • More than 1 million profiles are automatically updated daily, ensuring users can see the latest data in real time.
  • Support multi-level data access from the Ministry of Education to 4,000 schools and their classes, ensuring broad access and timeliness of information.

High-performance cloud architecture and data compression

  • The cloud-based framework is used to cope with large-scale user access to ensure high availability and fast read speed of the system.
  • Combined with Power BI Report Server, dynamic filtering and data compression of multi-level reports can be carried out to improve the reading speed of reports.

After-class usage reports and multi-time period data statistics

  • After-school usage reports designed specifically for THSD and BYOD programs collect usage data every 15 minutes to detail mobile device usage.
  • Summarize daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual usage data in advance, and provide a statistical summary of the data required by users at all levels, which is easy to download and analyze.

Cross-platform data integration and access control

  • Ensure that the data of each operating system carrier can be effectively managed and reported to meet the needs of cross-platform data integration.
  • Control data access according to account permission settings, ensure data security and reasonably allocate data access permissions.