Group management

With the rapid development of contemporary educational technology, the effective management of teaching mobile devices has become the key to improving teaching quality and learning efficiency. In the face of the increasing number of learning mobile devices and diversified management needs, the traditional mobile device management methods have been difficult to meet the needs of modern education. To this end, we have come up with a new solution that aims to provide an intuitive and efficient management platform through a flexible group management and custom labeling system. In addition, considering the needs of customers for more granular management levels, our system supports up to six layers of group-level management, and realizes precise permission control and policy deployment according to the nesting relationship between levels.

Unit management
It can be managed for the next level of classes, including functions such as adding and deleting, and can export a hierarchical tree map
Class management
Provide the addition and deletion of classes, add teacher accounts to specific classes, and screen for special conditions

Intelligent group and tag management
Multi-level mobile device classification and accurate monitoring, simplifying and effective

Multi-level group management

  • Flexible hierarchical setting: Support up to six levels of group management to meet the needs of subdivisions from the whole school to specific classes and even group activities.
  • Nest relationship design: According to the nest relationship between levels, it is convenient for structured management and quick positioning of mobile devices at specific levels.

Fine-grained control of permissions

  • Permission level: Set different management permissions according to the group level to achieve refined access and control.
  • Precise deployment of policies and software: According to the needs of managers, mobile device policies can be released or software delivery can be carried out for different levels to ensure the effective use of educational resources and safety management.

Advanced mobile device tagging system

It provides the function of user-defined mobile device tags, supports a large number of tags, and enhances query efficiency and management convenience.

Expanded static and dynamic group management

Provide flexible static and condition-based dynamic group management methods to meet different management needs.